As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Long Grove Historical Society, it’s time to shed some light on this remarkable volunteer group and its dedication to preserving our town’s rich history. Founded on April 1, 1974, a group of about nine residents started with the noble task of accepting and relocating the circa 1859 Drexler Tavern. Restored and placed behind Kildeer School, this building continues to serve as Long Grove Village Hall. As it turns out, this group of passionate volunteers were just getting started; over the next two decades they also moved and preserved the Archer School and Ruth Barn, vital pieces of our local heritage. The Long Grove Historical Society is not just about maintaining buildings; it’s about keeping our past alive for future generations, providing a tangible connection to the way life used to be in our community.

Costumed Docents have made the past come alive for thousands of area 3rd Graders through field trip programs developed by Historical Society volunteers. The group published a book in 2010, “In Retrospect,” featuring stories written by local author Gwen Berg. Members of the Society continue to advocate for local historical preservation, and were instrumental in efforts to get the Covered Bridge listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018.

One of the society’s current signature activities is the annual Ghost Walk, an event that embodies the spirit of community and history intertwined. Held the Friday night before Halloween, this family-friendly event takes participants on a haunted stroll through historic downtown Long Grove. It’s not just about the spooks and scares; it’s a creative way to engage with our town’s history, bringing stories from the past into the present. This event, along with others like the Penny Carnival, showcases the society’s dedication to making history accessible and entertaining for all ages.

Joining the Long Grove Historical Society is not just an opportunity to help preserve our town’s unique history; it’s a chance to be part of a community that values its past and works together to keep it alive. Whether you’re interested in local history, looking for a way to give back to the community, or seeking social engagement, the Historical Society welcomes you. By becoming a member, you can contribute to the preservation efforts, participate in organizing historical events, and ensure that Long Grove’s history continues to be celebrated for generations to come. For more information or to become involved in our next 50 years, please visit: In honor of this year’s golden anniversary milestone, the Historical Society is planning a Barn Dance celebration, to be held on Sunday, September 15th at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Long Grove. More details to follow… watch this space!