Our election committee met today to certify the votes, and the Historical Society is excited to announce that LINCOLN will serve as our official Dog Mayor! Congratulations to the new mayor and his family. We are looking forward to having some further fun with this in the year ahead.



We are also pleased to announce our Honorary Dog Mayor Cabinet Positions:

Deputy Dog Mayor:  Holly

Minister of Covered Bridge Defense:  Yogi

No Local Tax Commissioner:  Oliver

Party Animal Control Officer (PACO):  Bella

Bureau Chief of Squirrel Affairs:  Nala

Czar of Open Spaces:  Tucker

Roadkill Superintendent:  Lucky

Guardian of Historical Preservation:  Charlee

Secretary of Border Control:  Yani

Director of Canine Intelligence Agency (CIA):  Costanza

Congratulations to everyone!! Deputy Dog Mayor Holly will assume the role of Dog Mayor if we have an unexpected vacancy. All other cabinet positions are honorary, bragging-rights only for the next year.

We hope to see all of our candidates at the swearing-in ceremony tomorrow, even those without titles. There will be winning prizes awarded and dog treats for all. If you can join us, please be at the main stage in front of the covered bridge by 3:15. The “indoguration” will start at 3:30 and should only take 20 minutes. We would love to thank you all in person for your generous participation in our first-time fundraiser. Because of you, your adorable dogs, and your enthusiasm, and the hundreds of people that voted, the Historical Society was able to raise $7,412.00 for our community. We are all winners here!!

For full results and some background on the 2021 Long Grove Dog Mayor election, see this page.