Hello visitors! Take a short walk through the middle of downtown Long Grove and learn a tiny bit of our history.  Follow the directions below – if you reach each place you will see a sign that tells you a little bit about that place.  Please take a picture of the places you see (you should be in some of them!) and bring this sheet and your pictures to the “ending place” on Sunday, July 30 between 12 and 2. Everyone who completes the walk gets free pennies to play at the penny carnival AND if you have pictures of at least two places you will be entered into a drawing for some gift certificates you can use for “goodies” at one of the stores downtown.  HAVE FUN and Happy Summer!

Find the little red house, in front of the tent.

One of the first houses in town, but not up for rent.

Now head to the crossroads, the middle of town

Stores were on two corners, but the signs are now down.

Now cross RPC at the light and head to the “bar”

A long time village meeting place, and never too far.

Now return to the crossroads – turn right again, not too far

Find the roof over the road, a long time beloved village star.

Wave goodbye to the bridge, face the crossroads but 

turn to the right

And cross the parking lot to the Penny Carnival at our farmhouse, what a sight!